Banana Ice Box Rental


Our Ice Box rental is the perfect solution for longer events and serve yourself.  The Banana Squad hand dips each pop, packages them individually and arranges them in an Ice Box with dry ice.  Our delivery driver drops off the Ice Box and Menu and returns later that day to pick it up.  You will be provided a form to choose your chocolate and topping options once it's booked.

-> No electricity needed. Resale not permitted. Same day rental. Drop off and Pickup can be two different locations (ex. drop off at park & pickup at residence).  

Frequently asked questions

We are fully insured and can provide your commercial space with a COI if needed. We also carry Workers Comp & a Commercial Auto Policy.

Everything that you need to have an awesome event and not worry about anything is included in your package. No hidden extras. We do offer an upgrade list but that is completely optional. You will receive the form with 48 hours of your booking.

Absolutely! It's a $100 fee and you get to keep the sign at the end of the event. Once the booking is made, the Banana Squad will be in touch to help you design your custom cart face.

Our mobile Dessert Cart is 2'x4' and needs a 8'x8' square for service. The cart can serve inside or outside. It fits through a standard doorway and into an elevator. It cannot accommodate steps, stairs, soft grass or rock paths.

Any cancellations within 7 days of scheduled event will forfeit 50% of monies paid.  Cancellations between 10 & 15 days of scheduled event will forfeit 10% of monies paid.  Cancellations outside of 16 days will receive a full refund.