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FREE DELIVERY on orders $50 or more!

Same Day Delivery at NO EXTRA COST

FREE DELIVERY on orders $50 or more!

Same Day Delivery at NO EXTRA COST

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Banana Pop Gifts

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Valentine’s Day Special!

Our special Valentine’s Day themed banana pop gifts are here and tastier than ever! It’s now 2020, and last year we delivered our gifts to thousands of happy Las Vegas residents and corporate teams all year long allowing us to learn one thing: There’s a LARGE amount of people that buy their gifts last-minute in a stressful hurry. Luckily, we offer same day delivery at no extra cost which eases our customers with relief - but we find it important on our mission to spread happiness that we should help our customers avoid any amount of stress in the first place wherever we can. So this year for Valentine’s Day, we’ll be rewarding our customers who order their gifts EARLY! The earlier you preorder your gift, the juicier the reward we give! For our new comers: Remember the last time you rushed last-minute to write a thoughtful note in your Valentine’s Day card? Well, you can kiss those days goodbye as ALL gifts at Lea Lana’s Bananas come with a special handwritten card.

Preorder your Valentine’s Day gifts in minutes. Save time and avoid last-minute gift anxiety. Earn rewards.

Tip: Gain extra rewards if you opt for pickup instead of delivery :) .

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