✸ The 3 characteristics you must have to be considered for a position are ✸


Lea Lana’s Bananas is the place for happy people to work! We spend our days spreading happiness to customers and co-workers while making delicious banana desserts. We are committed to providing a happy and educational environment for our Squad where you will learn genuine customer service and the importance of team work. Happiness is our most important ingredient in everything we do, and that’s why people who join our Banana Squad must be happy, positive & friendly. We can’t wait to hear from your happy self!  #BananaSquad


What is it like to be the Banana Squad? It always starts with a smile, from the moment you start your shift until the time it ends.   Happiness is contagious and it starts with a smile.  We believe in greeting each other and customers with enthusiasm and kindness and maintaining a positive work environment.

Is this part time or full time? Currently, all of our positions are part time and mostly seasonal.  Summer is prime time and when we work the most hours.  Winter time is our slowest season with the least amount of hours available.  That makes this a great summer experience!

What kind of experience do I need to have? None!  We are super excited for you if this is your first job ever!  We don't require any job experience but we do require 3 things; you must be Happy, Positive & Friendly.  This is a non-negotiable.

How much does this job pay? We start everyone off at $9 an hour and from there you can climb up the banana tree in levels and pay.  We want you to feel challenged in your everyday job but not overwhelmed so we teach you in stages.  The faster you learn, the faster you climb.

What locations are available? We have a Banana Shop open year round that serves delicious banana desserts and makes all of the gifts for gift delivery.  May - September we have a Banana Cart at Wet n Wild where we serve Frozen Bananas to the guests.  We also have a small Banana Cart that is hired for all types of events, from Pool Parties to Corporate Events and everything in between.

Wet n Wild - You get to work at a waterpark all summer and you can enjoy the rides after your shift.  It's HOT, so you must be okay with standing in the heat for 5-6 hours at a time (under an umbrella).  Cash tips daily.

If you are a Happy, Positive & Friendly person, we would love to hear from you!


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