Lea Lana Banana

Banana Queen

Lea Lana Banana, with her bright pink hair and a smile that radiates Happiness you can't help but be drawn to her! She has created a place where happiness spreads from employees to customers alike.  Las Vegas locals come to hang out and enjoy delicious banana desserts and leave happier than they entered! She is a hard working mother of teenagers who not only employs her 3 teens but others teens as well. She believes in helping our younger generation build a strong foundation with a great understanding of excellent customer service, great communication skills and true inner happiness (being grateful). The Banana Squad is specially trained in sprinkling happiness! Together, we can make the world a happier place - happiness is contagious and it begins with a (banana) smile.


Operations Bananager

Meet our Kitty Kat! She is our Operations Bananager and the leader of our Banana Squad. She is a key component in our daily operations and incredibly hard working (it's not easy to lead a bunch of teenagers and bananas). She runs Deliveries, Banana Cart Events and our summertime waterpark Carts. Lea and Kat are childhood best friends (Fun Fact: They worked together at Subway in 1996 - over 25 years ago. Lea spent months begging her to move her entire life and kids out to Las Vegas from San Bernardino, CA and in January of 2021, she finally gave in. Kat and her adult children now reside in Las Vegas and they are living their best life.


Shift Lead

Meet Hannah, our Shift Lead and Spreader of Happiness!  You can see his beautiful smile from a mile away!  When Lea first met Hannah, she was quiet and shy but you would never know that today! She has come out of her shell and has grown into an incredible young lady.  She provides excellent customer service!


Shift Lead

Meet Nathan, our charismatic and happy go lucky Shift Lead!  Nathan truly enjoys laughing and is always happy to provide jokes to make you laugh too!  Customer satisfaction is very important to Nate and he will always go the extra mile to see you smile.


Banana Squad


Banana Squad


Banana Squad