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Frequently Asked Questions

☞ General Questions

What if I don’t like Bananas?
What does a frozen banana taste like?
Can I leave frozen bananas sitting out?
I want to surprise someone. Why do I need to provide their phone number?
What is the best way to surprise someone with Lea Lana’s Bananas?

☞ Pickup / Delivery / Shipping Questions

Does Lea Lana's Bananas have a storefront?
Do you deliver to Hotels on The Las Vegas Strip?
What if I don’t have a freezer?
Do you ship Banana Pops out of state?
Does Lea Lana's Bananas do same day delivery?

☞ Banana Pops / Ingredients Questions

Are you vegan friendly?
Do you have gluten-free and / or nut-free options?
Are your bananas and ingredients organic?
What is the size of a banana pop?
Do you offer half size for full size bananas?
Can I custom design a Banana Pop with colors, a theme, a logo, etc.?

☞ Banana Cart / Dessert Catering Questions

What is a Banana Cart?
What type of event would hire the Banana Cart?
How long does it take to make each Banana Pop?
How many Banana Carts do you have?
What is the size of the Banana Cart?
What options are included?
Can I brand the Banana Cart or items?