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Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Well this is awkward, you’re here looking at our very special and delicious penis pop gifts to order for a “bachelorette party” ;) and we’re holding you up to talk about Valentine’s Day! That’s because this year we have a few amazing Valentine’s Day Preorder Specials for our customers who preorder their gifts EARLY. We’re trying to make the last-minute gifting headache a thing of the past by rewarding our customers that act early to setup their V-Day gifts ahead of time. The earlier you preorder, the juicier the reward! And of course, the rewards you get from your Valentine’s Day Gift can be used to purchase our bachelorette gifts at a fraction of the cost! All gifts at Lea Lana’s Bananas come with a handwritten card you won’t have to write in a hurry the day of the holiday. 

Tip: Gain extra rewards if you opt for pickup instead of delivery :) .

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Bachelorette Gift Baskets to Celebrate Your Party Right

Penis pops make an excellent and naughty addition to your girls' night out celebration. For bachelorette parties, you want to bring something fun and unique that feels different than a birthday gift would be. Well, we believe our bachelorette gift basket to be the perfect fit to bring an original flair that this big day of fun usually calls for.

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An Unforgettable Moment

Imagine the look on everyone’s face when you present this gift at the bachelorette party! This may be one of the most memorable moments of the celebration. Just sayin’..

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Banana Pops and Brownies Dipped in Chocolate with Sprinkles (Penis Pop Desserts)

👉 Organic bananas dipped in Ghirardelli chocolate

How we make our naughty bachelorette gifts (Penis Dessert step 1)How we make our penis shaped dessert gifts (Penis Bananas step 2)How we make our penis shaped bananas (Penis Desserts step 3)

Deliciously Fun

On a whole different level from our normal gift baskets, "fun" doesn't even begin to explain this epic gag gift of the century. These gourmet banana pops are made of Ghirardelli milk, dark or white chocolate with a brownie base. With organic Fair Trade Certified bananas imported from Ecuador, the quality and taste is one you bachelorettes deserve on your night of fun!

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