What Happiness isn't. Is it fancy cars, lots of money, and diamonds pouring from the sky?  Sounds nice, but no!  So many people think "if only I had more money, I would be a happier person" and they couldn't be more wrong.  Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth doesn't lead to happiness!  Winning the lottery doesn't lead to happiness.! Becoming a CEO of a major corporation doesn't lead to happiness!  I'm not saying money doesn't come with moments of happiness but I am saying that money doesn't provide you with lifelong happiness.  

What Happiness is. People are not naturally happy.  It's their ability to take whatever life throws at them and make it a positive situation - always finding the greater good.  It's that simple!  Happy people have bad days just like the rest of the world BUT they don't call it a "bad day" and they never tell anyone they are having a bad day.  They view it as a way to get better or to change something in their life.  It's a moment of self reflection and personal responsibility which leads to ownership of whatever it is.  When you take responsibility for everything in your life, something incredible happens.  You realize that you have the ability to make your life whatever you want it to be and you control the outcome of every situation.  Whatever you put out into the universe truly is what you get back.  

How to be a happier person.  

  • Start by owning it!  Whatever happens in your day, don't look to blame others and point the finger elsewhere.  Look directly at yourself and ask yourself what you could have done better.  How could you have avoided this situation.  What can you do the next time something like that arrises.  The blame game ultimately ends in damaged or ruined relationships and that doesn't lead to happiness.

  • Love yourself!  When you truly love yourself nobody's words or actions can hurt you. You should always be trying to get better, but make sure you love yourself along the way.  This is true Happiness.

  • Don't worry what others are doing or saying about you. This is huge!  We live in a world where everyone feels the need to compete - Stop It!  Competition in life leads to anxiety and anxiety does not lead to happiness.  

  • Have a great day! Even if it started in the worst way possible, don't believe it and don't repeat it. When someone asks how your day is, tell them it's great or getting better.  When you tell someone you are having a bad day, people tend to want to ask questions and then you have to continue on the bad day train and from there it only gets worse.  Instead, tell yourself that you are going to have a great day and watch how fast it changes.  That's happiness.

What additional tips do you have to be or stay a happier version of yourself?  Please comment below.

Calling all happy people!!! We would love for you to join the Banana Squad with a promise to continue Spreading Happiness today and everyday.

Did you know that bananas are the only fruit that smile back at you?

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