The short version - Some toppings look cute but I would never let you eat them! Lea Lana’s Bananas promises to never serve you wax sprinkles, nasty glitter or cheap diced peanuts! It’s gourmet or go home!

The longer version - I was so excited to order glitter because I could imagine how cute Banana Pops would be if they were all sparkly. The box arrived and I tore it open with excitement. Dug through all the sprinkles until I found the glitter and ripped the top off! I thought of the song 🎶Sprinkle Me 🎶 as I poured them in to my mouth!! Immediately I ran for the trash can and began scraping my tongue 👅. It was horrific - probably one of the worst things I have ever tasted and now it’s stuck to the back of my teeth. I’m gargling water and looking for anything to get rid of the taste, I finally found a pistachio Oreo to help with the situation. A few minutes went by and my mouth was restored to normal. My immediate thought was maybe once they are on the banana pop with chocolate they will taste better so began experiment number 2. I’ll spare you the drama and tell you it went exactly like experiment number 1!! So gross 🤮 and the entire bottle went into the trash.

Ahhhh, the life of an entrepreneur and Lea Lana Banana!!


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