Las Vegas Blvd Hotel Gift Delivery

Welcome to Lea Lana's Bananas, your premier gourmet gift delivery service in Las Vegas! We are one of only a few gifting companies in Las Vegas that offer gift delivery to hotels along the iconic Las Vegas Boulevard, providing a truly unique gifting experience. However, there are specific requirements to ensure successful delivery to these hotels.

To begin, it's absolutely essential that we have a PHONE NUMBER for the Recipient or someone accompanying them. We will not attempt delivery until we've made contact with the recipient or a party member who can meet our delivery driver in the hotel valet.  It's always best to let the receiver know that a local gifting company is going to reach out to them so they are expecting the call.

When delivering to Las Vegas Boulevard hotels, we're given a maximum of 5 minutes of upfront parking, during which our driver must remain with their vehicle. Perishable items must be received by the recipient or someone in their party, in valet or near the hotel entrance.  Hotel staff like concierges, front desks and/or bellhops will not accept these items. Additionally, hotels typically require key cards for access guest floors, so we are unable to deliver directly to hotel rooms.

Given the size and layout of hotels, coordination is absolutely key. We coordinate delivery protocols and timing directly with the recipient, not the sender, to ensure a seamless experience. While we understand the appeal of surprises, hotel deliveries necessitate coordination with the recipient to ensure they're available to receive your gift.

It's worth noting that some hotel rooms may lack freezers to keep frozen bananas intact. We suggest ordering only what can be consumed within an hour or considering our non-frozen options for a hassle-free experience. While we maintain the surprise by not disclosing the gift's contents, we do inform the recipient of the sender's identity.

Again, if we are not provided with a contact phone number for the recipient or someone in their hotel party, we will not attempt delivery. Once coordination is established, we make every effort to deliver as planned. If the recipient isn't located at the agreed-upon time, we'll exhaust all options to locate them.

Please be aware that a redelivery fee of $15 will be applied for a second delivery attempt. This fee covers our operational costs for the additional delivery attempt. In the event of an unsuccessful second attempt, a refund will be issued however the recipient is welcome to pick up their gift at Lea Lana's Bananas located at 7345 S Rainbow Blvd Suite 130 Las Vegas NV 89139. Each gift we prepare is handcrafted specifically for the recipient upon order, ensuring freshness and uniqueness, which makes refunds unfeasible.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these protocols, ensuring a delightful gifting experience for all involved. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Banana Squad at 702-250-2432. Thank you for choosing Lea Lana's Bananas for your gifting needs in Las Vegas!