X-rated Party Pops

Options: 6 Chocolate Penis Pops
Sale price$45.00


Need a fun gift for someone special?  These pops bring lots of Hap∙P e n i s and laughter.  Whatever the occasion - Birthdays, gag gifts, or just because.

Option 1 - 6 Penis Pops  

  • 6 Frozen Banana Pops
  • Brownie Base on each Banana Pop
  • Dipped in Milk or Dark Chocolate
  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Marshmallow Drizzle 

Option 2 - 

  • 6 Penis Pops + One Dozen Gourmet Pops

Options 3 - 

  • 6 Penis Pops + Half Dozen Gourmet Pops

INCLUDES: Frozen Banana Pops and a handwritten note.

AVAILABILITY: Delivery, Pickup & In-Store

ADD-ONS: Add a Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, Congratulations or Thank You Box & Card.

NOTES: Each Banana Pop is handcrafted by a different Banana Artist and no two gifts are ever the same.  Pictures are of previous gifts and do not reflect exactly what you will get.

Our Process: Our Banana Squad begins your gifting process by hand selecting your frozen Banana Pops.  Each Banana Pop is dipped into the Ghirardelli chocolate and from there, each chocolate dipped pop is rolled in our delicious toppings.  We carefully place each Banana Pop in its own liner and arrange them beautifully into a vibrant gift box.  We then handwrite a card with the note you provide and place it inside the gift box along with an ice pack.

Delivery: When you choose to have the Banana Squad deliver your gift, it becomes our mission to deliver your gift box as happily as you would if you were personally delivering it.  We do our absolute best to reach the receiver (unless we are specifically asked for a contactless delivery) and place the gift box in their hand. We also make an attempt to snap a fun photo of the receiver so we can share that happiness with you when we send you the delivery confirmation text.  And of course, the gift arrives in style, in our bright pink delivery van.  We deliver from North Las Vegas to Boulder City and delivery prices range from $10 - $20. 

Pickup: Gifts can be ordered online and available for pickup at Lea Lana's Bananas within 20 minutes.  You can also come in and design your own (each dozen takes approximately 6 minutes) or call us to place a phone order when you are headed our way.

Turnaround: We know and understand that life is busy and sometimes it's at the last minute we remember that we need to send a gift so for that reason we offer same day delivery at no extra charge.  Our system allows same day delivery orders to be placed up until 12pm, but if it's later, don't hesitate to reach out because if we can do it, we will.  Simply call the Banana Line at 702-250-2432.

Storage: Our beautiful gift boxes are freezer safe and will last in the freezer for longer than it will take you to eat the Banana Pops.  They can be eaten right out of the freezer, or you can let them sit for 5-10 minutes to soften up a bit.

Healthier Dessert: With each Banana Pop around 100 calories, you can enjoy them guilt free.

We look forward to helping you Spread Happiness One Banana at a Time.

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